Beaver River Trestle Bridge

Repairs to the Heritage Wooden Trestle Bridge

This work involved the Conservation and Restoration of the Heritage Wooden Train Trestle Bridge over the Beaver River.  The work included replacing all guard rails along the full length as well as the massive wooden structure on the east approach that was burnt.  Worked with Tyee Log homes.   Mobilized a 110 ton crawler crane to site to facilitate the demolition of the burnt trestle and trestle re-construction.  Designed, fabricated and installed temporaty support for steel girders.  Worked with Tyee Log homes on shop drawings, pre-fabricating trestle components as well as a source for heavy timbers see www.tyeeloghomes.com.

About this Project

Repairs to the Heritage Wooden Trestle Bridge
Type: Bridge Repair
Principal Client: Alberta's Iron Horse Trail
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