Emergency Bridge Repair

Bridge washout repair

The rescue & re-installation of the Bridge over Delphine Creek on the Toby Creek Road.
In July of 2007 the bridge spanning Delphine Creek at about 6.5 km past Panorama on the Toby Creek Road was washed out during a large rain event.  Johnston Construction was brought in to rescue the bridge, divert the creek back into the original channel and reestablish the road. The west end of the bridge was covered by several feet of debris and the creek had moved about 50 feet from the original channel and was flowing where the road to the west end of the bridge was originally located. First the original creek channel was reestablished and the creek diverted back into it.  Before all the water was diverted, a fish salvage operation was conducted to ensure than no fish were trapped in the old channel when the water stopped flowing. With the creek back in the correct location the end of the bridge could be excavated from the mud and the bridge moved out of the way to allow for the reconstruction of the bridge abutments. The new abutments were armored with rip-rap to help ensure that bridge would not wash out again.  Once the abutments were complete the bridge was put back in place and the approaches rebuilt.  The road was then reopened to the public.

About this Project

Bridge washout repair
Type: Bridge Repair
Location: Delphine Creek on the Toby Creek Road near Invermere BC
Principal Client: Mainroad East Kootenay
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