Highway Bridge Installation – Arch

18 metre Arch Bridge

This included the supply and installation of pipe pile foundations, concrete abutments, 18m Arch, an MSE wall, placement of road grade and paving, and finally demolition of old structure and site restoration. The Enterprise Creek Arch project started in September of 2007 with some preparation work to allow the drilling equipment access to the site. Once the site was ready the foundation construction began. Drilling was chosen over pile driving for the installation of the 24” dia. pipe piles due to the large rocks and cobbles that were prevalent in the valley. The piles were drilled to bedrock, about 60’ below the surface, on the south abutment and then a 4’ rock socket was drilled into the bedrock before a rebar cage was dropped in the pile and the pile filled with concrete. On the north abutment the bedrock was higher than the pile cut-off elevation and so the piles were drilled directly into the bedrock and then the excess bedrock was blasted to make room for the abutment. Following the installation of the piles the area had to be excavated and bedrock removed to make room for the concrete abutments. However the area had to be dewatered first as the bottom of each abutment was located several feet below the creek. As this work was being done in mid winter the cold temperatures helped with the dewatering but made the concrete work a little more difficult. Once the abutments were complete work on the arch assembly started. A special platform was brought in to help with access to the underside of the arch which was about 45 feet high at the crest and over a creek. The arch, which was made up of hundreds of panels that were bolted together, was then assembled over the creek. Following the installation of the arch a concrete collar around each end of was formed and poured along with concrete wing walls. Once the new road grade was completed it was paved and the highway traffic moved over from the old bridge onto the arch. The old bridge was then demolished and the road reclaimed. This included the removal of the old asphalt, placement of topsoil and then hydroseeding and planting select shrubs. The project was completed in September of 2008.

About this Project

18 metre Arch Bridge
Type: New Bridge Construction
Location: Slocan West Kootenays BC
Value: $3,500,000.00
Principal Client: BC Ministry of Transportation
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