Highway Bridge Rehabilitation

One of BC's oldest bridges being repaired

The work involved removing the existing deck and stringers, rehabilitation work on the floor beams and installation of new stringers, deck and railing.
The Waneta Bridge Rehabilitation project involved upgrading one of BC’s oldest bridges.  The 500 foot single lane structure was originally constructed for the railway in the late 1800’s.  It was later taken over and modified by the Ministry of Highways vehicular traffic and provides access to the USA through the Waneta Border. As the bridge was only wide enough for a single lane the road was to be closed for the duration of the work, 84 days, with stiff penalties should the road closure be extended. Work started with the installation of a suspended scaffold that would allow workers access to the underside of the structure and stop any demolition and construction debris from entering the river below.  Upon completion of the scaffolding some work on the floor beams was undertaken in preparation for the road closure.  However, the deterioration of the floor beams was found to be much greater than anticipated and so the planned rehabilitation work would not be sufficient.  It was decided that the beams would be replaced instead.  Through close cooperation between Johnston Construction and the Ministry of Transportation the replacement beams were designed, fabricated and delivered to the site on time for the road closure. Once all the materials had arrived the demolition of the old bridge components and the installation of the new proceeded smoothly.  The road was reopened to the public approximately 3 weeks ahead of schedule.

About this Project

One of BC's oldest bridges being repaired
Type: Bridge Repair
Location: Highway 22A, 10km South of Trail, BC
Value: $1,800,000.00
Principal Client: BC Ministry of Transportation
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