Resource bridge remove & replace

Design, Supply and Install

This work included the design, build and supply of a 300 foot resource bridge over the White river.  This work was undertaken amongst some serious forest fires that came close, but not too close to the work site.  Access was limited at times but Johnston Construction was able to work around this challenge. This resource bridge was damaged during the flooding in June 2013.  Johnston had to remove the 100 foot damaged bridge and design, fabricate and install the 300 foot replacement.  To do this work a temporary work bridge was installed that helped with fire control efforts with the forest fires during the construction phase.  In addition to the bridge installation extensive rip rap was installed on both sides of the river.

About this Project

Design, Supply and Install
Type: New Bridge Construction
Location: White river, near Canal Flats BC
Value: $1,200,000.00
Principal Client: MFLNRO
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