Suspension Bridge work

Demolition of a suspension bridge

This work involved removing a suspension pipeline bridge that crossed the Columbia River in Castlegar BC. The project involved the removal of an obsolete pipeline which was over 1000’ long and suspended between two towers.  Located above a very sensitive river and needed to be removed without touching the water. This posed a large number of technical difficulties but Johnston Construction was up to the challenge. A leading BC Bridge Engineering Firm was brought onboard to work closely with Johnston Construction’s experienced in-house Project Management team and technical staff to prepare a detailed work plan. This work plan addressed all the technical challenges of the project while still maintaining the tight timeline and adhering to a strict environmental policy. The work plan involved four major phases:
  • The removal of the gas line from the suspension structure
  • The removal of the suspension wires that spanned the Columbia River and had supported the gas line.
  • Removal of the suspension towers, wind brace towers, guy lines and all associated anchors and foundations located on the banks of the river.
  • Site cleanup and revegetation
Through close cooperation with the Owner’s team of professionals this unique and challenging project was completed to the satisfaction of everyone involved in a timely and cost effective manner.

About this Project

Demolition of a suspension bridge
Type: Structural Steel
Location: Castlegar BC
Value: $600,000.00
Principal Client: Terasen
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