Yukon Highway Bridge Repair

Upper Frances River Bridge, Yukon

Remove and replace North Abutment and other Maintenance Work.
The Upper Frances River Bridge is located about 200kms north of Watson Lake in the Yukon.  The existing 4-span Double-Double Bailey Bridge had a wood pile abutment supporting the north end of the structure.  This abutment was rotten and failing and had to be replaced.  However, as there was an operational mine further up the road the bridge had to remain in service while the abutment replacement took place. To allow the bridge to remain operational a 10’ section was added to the bridge and a temporary abutment constructed.  This allowed the area where the new abutment was to be constructed to be free and clear of the structure.  The deck of the bridge was panelized to that it could be removed and replaced quickly and easily granting access to the abutment area thought the deck but allowing for traffic to get though should the need arise. The old wood abutment was removed making way for the new H-Pile abutment to be constructed.  The Piles for the new abutment were driven through the panelized deck of the bridge.  There were a total of 8 new piles, 8 on a batter and 8 vertical.  A steel pile cap was then constructed in place. Once the replacement abutment was complete the 10’ section of bridge was again removed along with the temporary abutment.  The bridge was set down on the new abutment and approach fills were hauled in to improve the approach.

About this Project

Upper Frances River Bridge, Yukon
Type: Bridge Repair
Location: Yukon
Principal Client: Yukon Highways & Public Works
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