Johnston Construction is an industrial / civil contractor offering bridge rentals, mat rentals and equipment rentals.

Bridge Rentals

Johnston Construction maintains a line of rental bridges for use on temporary crossings. With an inventory of structures ranging from 2.5m (8ft) to 27m (90 ft), Johnston Construction can supply its clients with L25, L100 or CL625 structures or a custom built structure for all permanent or temporary access needs.

Rig, Crane or Swamp Mats

Standard mats come in 20’ and 40’ lengths, though other lengths can be supplied upon request, are 8’ wide and 6” thick. Our mats are built to last with 6” steel rails tightly packed with 6” thick timbers, end notched to create flat working surfaces.

Equipment Rentals

Johnston Construction maintains a core fleet of equipment that can be supplemented with rental equipment as required.

Want to Work Together?

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