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We are a family run company that has been operating in Western Canada for the past 40 years offering Crane Mat Rentals and more.

Rig or Crane Mat Rentals

Rig Mats are ideal for use as a portable platform to support equipment used in construction, a foundation for drilling rigs, helipads or camps, to bridge over soft spots on the road or separate equipment from the ground in environmentally sensitive areas. With a large inventory of mats available Johnston Construction will be able to supply the mats needed to meet the requirements of your project.

Standard mats come in 20’ and 40’ lengths, though other lengths can be supplied upon request, are 8’ wide and 6” thick. Our mats are built to last with 6” steel rails tightly packed with 6” thick timbers, end notched to create flat working surfaces.


Crane or Swamp Mats

These sturdy mats are constructed of 12×12 douglas fir timbers in lengths from 12’ to 32’. Depending upon the environment where the mat will be used and its purpose we can supply any sort of mat to meet your exact specifications and requirements.

We have supplied crane mats, timber mats, dragline mats, swamp pads, road mats and many others used for unique purposes. For example, our timber mats have been used for stabilizing heavy equipment on embankment edges, for bridging over environmentally sensitive areas, supporting equipment on barges or creating temporary bridge decks.

All bridges and mats are available for rent or purchase. We can also provide an attractive lease to own option for those clients who are unsure of whether they want to rent or purchase, as well as many other options that can be discussed on a case by case basis.

At Johnston Construction we strive to provide the best service possible. Our rental fleets are maintained to ensure that we have what our customers need to do the job without delays. If we do not have something that is needed we will design and build it. Our experienced mat and bridge installation crews work within timelines and within budgets.

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